Pots On Wheels — POW! — is a mobile clay education and exhibition space, opening new doors of creative experience to communities and organizations.

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The POW! truck allows established and emerging ceramic artists to share their knowledge and perspectives with audiences of all ages and backgrounds outside the conventional educational or studio settings.



By encouraging participants to actively participate in the creation of hand-made objects, POW! cultivates each individual'sability to make something useful and beautiful with their hands, and their understanding of how that can impact the experiences of others.



The gallery space within in the POW! truck serves as a showcase for the diverse and dynamic range of functional handmade ceramics currently being created by artists from around the country (and sometimes even by program participants!).

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Hands-on creativity


Most POW! event participants have never had the chance to make something with clay. For others, it rekindles a joy they may not have had the opportunity to pursue in decades. You would be surprised by what you are capable of!

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Connecting people & ideas

Our Make-A-Cup, Take-A-Cup exchange has given a first-hand introduction to creating an original clay object to thousands of participants! Folks can decorate (and sometimes even hand-make) a cup that will be part of a future POW! event, while taking home a cup that someone else decorated at a previous one.