NCECA 2016 Kansas City, Pots On Wheels Annual Conference Exhibition

In Kansas City March 16-19, 2016, POW! will present In Situ: Pottery Tours and Clay Culture. The exhibition showcases the work of potters who have joined forces to establish four widely respected regional pottery tours in diverse regions of the country: The St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour (Minnesota), the Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour (Massachusetts), 16 Hands Studio Tour (Virginia), and Art of the Pot (Texas). The outreach efforts of the roughly two dozen potters who comprise the tours’ founding members have expanded the bounds of the ceramics community. These tours provide creative, educational, and engaging encounters among makers and users, showcase younger colleagues and a broader community of peers with their inclusion of guest potters, and offer context with innovative programming that becomes more than just a sales experience. In response to NCECA's 2016 theme of Makers, Mentors, and Milestones, this exhibition spotlights the growing importance of the pottery tour as a grassroots, educational, and sustainable format that fosters the work of local pottery communities, drawing broader support and understanding of artists’ lives and work. The potters who have built these tours are both makers and mentors in their communities.

In conjunction with our upcoming exhibition featuring 4 iconic pottery tours, we are launching this map of pottery tours contributed by our community. Please contact us with edits and additions.